In Build the Bridge you take the role of chief engineer where you must use the bits of construction left laying on the track side in order to "plug the gaps" so that the train carrying the passengers can complete its journey. Game Tip: use the arrow keys to tilt the objects so that they fit perfectly - sometimes there will be multiple objects on the track that need fitting together, much like a jigsaw puzzle.

The game has several different options once it has finished loading, there are several different languages you choose too which is a nice thought and one where other train games developers could follow suit. You can also alter sounds levels and effects making Build the Bridge game even more fun to play.

As you work through the different levels not only do they get harder but you will be awarded with new trains with differing attributes. If you carefully plan the railroad route, making sure you fit all the construction parts together in a secure manner then a high score is just around the corner!