It's all about the train speed in Coal Express 3. no need to mess about with cargo, brakes and tricky time tables just stoke up the steam engine and fly along the track. Game Tip: If you want to fly through the levels in this game then make careful use of the space bar which dictates how much "rocket power" you have. Try not to waste it as there are stiff climbs up big hills at higher levels.

This train game is quick to load and fast to play. All you need is the arrow keys and the space bar to control the train. Coal Express 3 game has limited options including turning off the sound, changing the background music and restarting the level.

One good feature is the train shop where you can upgrade various train features as you travel through the stages of Moon,  Smoke Island, Aselon Star and Weison City. With your cash earned you can upgrade the three attributes of speed, balance and acceleration.