A clever new game for flash fans is Delivery Steam Train. Loads fast and is good fun to play on your computer. Start off by waiting for the loading screen to finish and then you take control of the steam train as it travels from station to station through the levels. Level one is about you really getting accustomed to the controls (Don’t forget to start the game by pressing the SPACE key.) This unloads the cargo into your train hoppers. You have two carriages so you can always move forward a little bit to place more boxes in carriage two.

As you can imagine the levels get harder as you progress through the game. This where control of the throttle is paramount. Too fast and you will lose all your precious cargo, too slow and you will lack the speed to get up the steep gradient climbs. The best scores are when you complete each level in the shortest time while at the same time keeping all of the cargo intact.

The controls are easy to master, basically it’s just the arrows and space key – we have played this game for ages and cannot get past level 10….So there is your challenge, become the TrainGames4u.com Delivery Steam Train Champion.