Ever wanted to blow stuff up? Wowser, you do? Then get stuck in to Dynamite Train. The game take s a while to load but is well worth it. Read the instructions too as they help. What you have to do is plant different types of explosives at points of your choice on the railway bridge. (There is a little green cross to help you find the best places). Once you have used up all your explosives, click the arrow button to set the train off. Once the train is over the bridge…..hit the detonator…KABOOM. Destroy the train into the canyon below to pass the level and get the most points.

One of the trickiest aspects of the game is placing the explosives in the right place. If you don’t then be warned that the train will just stay stationery on the track and you will the level. Also, make sure that the timing of detonation is correct. Don’t explode the bridge until the train is right on top of the dynamite.

After playing for a few levels we worked at that you get more points for bigger smash ups. Watch closely and you see that if the train falls violently into the canyon you can get at least hundred more bonus points, sometimes it is best to plant dynamite close to each other.