To show that we have variety on the website, Hidden Targets Train Station makes it to our best train games list. This is basically a shooting game with patience needed but it is very addictive and highly frustrating at first - but stick with it as we think you will agree it is a really good train game! Game Tip: when you zoom in for a shot, quickly look around for more targets nearby!

The game is level based, so in effect you must hit all 15 targets before you can move on to the next level. Now, if you read the instructions it quite clearly states that if you get stuck to use the "hint" option but we cannot find this anywhere on the game at all. So it really is the case of playing this game for hours in order to master the levels.

You get four minutes per game round in order to shoot the targets down. This may seem like a long time but when there is only 2 or 3 targets left to shoot it can get very tight. Remember, don't waste your shots as these cost you valuable seconds.