Mini Train is the fast loading flash train game which is more like a strategy game then a full on action train game. The game starts by giving you the instructions on how to play which is self explanatory and it takes just a few seconds to get started your first map or level let's you pan across the train track to see what obstacles are in the way. your job in mini train game is to pick up the blocks and other objects and fit them into the track so that the train can reach its destination safely.

Although the graphics are quite basic this make the game easy and fast to play. Some of the best train games are the simplest and you can even zoom in by pressing the zoom n icon at the top. The game can get a little fiddly after the completion of the easier levels and it takes some time to rotate the blocks to make the right puzzle so they fits into the gaps.

After each level has been completed you get to strike off the tickets which grants access to the next level. One of the best aspects to this game is the way that each map is different to the previous, providing different challenges for the player.