If you are looking for a different type of train game to the normal simulation type where you build tracks or drive to different stations then try out this arcade shooting train game called Nuke Train. Game Tip: You must always be on the move in this game by using the Z and X keys to move left and right in order to get the best angles when shooting down the aliens as they fall from the sky.

In Nuke Train the aim is shoot down as many flying objects as you can while at the same time protecting your nuclear reactor. A tough balance yes, but this makes this action train game even more playable. (While you're waiting for the game to load or even if you have had enough of playing, do you know what the worlds fastest train is?) You can also detonate your nuclear strike bomb every 2 minutes which wipes out the entire alien invasion.

As the levels go up so foes the difficulty but if you closely at the weapons at your disposal you can see that they are all upgradeable. Spend your cash wisely as funds are limited - your turrets must have the necessary firepower to take down the falling nasties.