The Polar Express Train Adventure Game is based (not very closely) on the movie. The train is suppose to be going to the North Pole but yes, you guessed right, it simply is not going to be that easy. The train enters the town that you can see and you must hit the green switches in order to direct the train safely through the town. The Polar Express Train Game is a good family game that looks beautiful, just check out the loading screen for starters. in game tip: Make sure you pick up the extra carriages for more bonus points.

It's very easy to get mixed up with the train piling up on itself so make sure your train journey runs as smooth as possible. Using the brake is expensive, so a good hint is to keep the Polar Express running at a constant speed that is not too quick.  If you pick up all the carriages check out the mini bonus game and the tunnels offer free stuff like coal and jewels that increase points and fuel.

To play the game just use the mouse pointer and click the signs and stuff that appears on the screen, the game does get harder but is very fast and fun to play. If you enjoyed the Polar Express film then you will like playing the flash game.