If you want a quick, fun and fast game to play whilst on a break then SuperKid Train Game is a good choice. All you need to use is the SPACE key to jump/double tap to double jump. The kid picks up power ups as goes along the train such as cycles and don’t forget to pick up the silver stars for more points. There is also a distance meter at the bottom of the console so you can see how far you have travelled. The kid feature about Super Kid is that the game loads very quickly and is not too difficult to play. TIP: Time your jumps or you will soon lose a life, the power-ups don’t seem to help that much, we found running was the best way to achieve a high score.

The further you get, the faster the game. Yup, the train speeds up and you will soon find yourself controlling Super Kid on a motorbike – the crates are a real pain, you can’t just fly into these, they have to be jumped on or over and with only 3 lives you just have to be careful.