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The Top 5 Fastest Trains on the Planet - 2015

There is always something fascinating about discovering which trains are the fastest on earth. On we have complied a list of the top 5 trains. We strive to keep the list accurate and up to date so please get in touch with the webmaster if there is a new kid on the block that needs including on our list.

5 - Shinkansen E5 – Japan

Operating speed 199 MPH, 420 mile route between Tokyo and Aomori.

The E5 series has been operating since 2011 and has Hitachi and Kawasaki as the two main manufacturers. The train is 253m long and 11ft wide and can hold up to 730 passengers. The East Japan Railway Company has the privilege of operating this fine train where in 2016 a further order of 10 car trains will be placed for the Hokkaido service line.

Shinkansen E5

4 - Siemens Velaro E – Spain

Operating speed 217 MPH, Connecting Madrid with Barcelona. This EMU train (electric multiple unit) is a popular choice amongst European countries where Spain, Germany, Russia and Turkey all have a model in operational use. The E series is the latest model and so far 26 have been manufactured along with 8 for the Velaro RUS series. The Velaro E320 train is 400m long and can hold up to 900 passengers.

Siemens Velaro Train

3 - AGV Italo - Italy

Operating speed 223 MPH, interstate route connecting 13 Italian cities. Currently the fastest train in Europe, the AGV is 132m long and nearly 10ft wide. Alstom, the manufacturer of the AGV are keen to emphasize the lower maintenance costs because of the Jacobs bogie articulation and design improvements to maximize efficiency.

AGV Italo Train

2 - Harmony CRH380A – China

Operating speed 236 MPH, operates on the longest high-speed train in the world where it connects Beijing to Shanghai. The China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Corp Ltd are the manufacturers of the CRH380 and this train boasts a 494 passenger capacity for the A and over a 1,000 for the AL.

The design has been specific for the new Chinese long distance rail lines and advantages of this design include a low resistance front nose section, low vibration due to system damping matching materials and a high pressurized body making the ride on the CRH380A as comfortable as possible.

Harmony CRH380A Train

1 - Shanghai Maglev - China

Operating speed 268MPH, operating on the first commercial high speed magnetic levitation line. The fastest train in the world runs between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and outer Pudong where it links to the Shanghai Metro. Costing a staggering $1.2 billion the train is suspended above the ground through the use of magnets (Maglev), the idea is that this new technology helps to reduce friction and generates lift in order to make the train go faster.

The Worlds Fastest Train

We hope you enjoyed this list of the world fastest trains - it is incredible to think that a train could travel so fast. For example the number one train, The Shanghai Maglev travels 19 miles between the two stations at a total travel time of just 8 minutes – amazing!