Now it's time to do some real work on the train line and not just sit behind the train wheel! In Silk Road Train game you play the very important role of being in charge of all the cargo and baggage. The game is based on the very busy South Korean train line and Train SilkRoad will keep you busy for hours. Match the cargo slots with the items - simply drag the cargo to the required slot and you get bonus points for combos too. Tip for playing Train Silk Road: fill the slots as early as possible to get max combo points.

There are several types of cargo to pack in the right containers and as the levels go up, you travel further down the train line, you can your progress in the bottom right of the game screen - SilkRoad Train is a very good game to play and the different items make it more interesting, from light bulbs, medical supplies, crystals, tech gear such as phones and soft drinks.

The controls are very simple for playing - simply drag the cargo with the mouse and slot directly onto the trains that whizz pass the screen. A shiny Korean flag will sometimes pass you by make sure you drag it as it provides a special bonus!